Ippin Soba (Halal)

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Weight: 300gm (3pcs/pkts) or 1kg (10pcs/pkts)

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No artificial colouring added, No boric acid added, No bleaching agent added, No artificial fragrance added, No preservative added!


Cooking Methods:

Store ramen or noodle between -10’c to -18’c. Ramen can be kept for 12 months if the package is unopened.

Keep ramen at the correct temperature and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.


Cooking Steps:

For best results, cook the ramen or noodles for 2.5 minutes in boiling water and then blanch in cold water for a better texture before dishing it in soup or stir frying.

Once ramen has been cooked and rinsed in cold water, it still can be stored and reheated if necessary.

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Weight0.3 kg

300gm (3pcs)


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