MCM Yee Sang

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过年就要捞生 🥢 如果今年你还没GET到个独特鱼生,那就看过来!🤩
Maison Oishi has prepared – Prepacked Yee Sang for those who are celebrating Chinese New Year. Our Yee Sang consists:
🥢 Papaya slice 瓜英
🥢 Ginger slice 姜丝
🥢 Red ginger slice 红姜丝
🥢 China cucumber slice 茶瓜丝
🥢 Yam slice 芋头丝
🥢 Grinded ground nut 花生末
🥢 Grinded sesame seed 芝麻末
🥢 Ready mixed sauce 鱼生酱
🥢 Bo Cui Cracker 薄脆
🥢 Pepper 胡椒粉
🥢 Herb 伍香粉
🥢 Dry Lime slice 桔饼丝
🥢 Pickled leek slice 乔头丝

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Yeesang, Yee Sang + Sashimi King Salmon, Yee Sang + Abalone 8 pieces, Yee Sang + Atlantic Sashimi 200gm


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